My Dino’s Mouth is flashing different colors... What do the different colors mean?

The Dino uses LED color indicators in its mouth to let you know how it’s doing!

  • Blue: The Dino is talking
  • Yellow: The Dino is listening (only while the Button is being held)
  • Flashing Yellow: The Dino is thinking
  • Green: Connected To Wi-Fi
  • Flashing Green: Your Dino is connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Flashing Pink & Blue: Your Dino is out of the Wi-Fi range 
  • Orange: The Dino has been configured for Wi-Fi, but in-app set up needs to be completed to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Flashing Orange: The Dino is being configured to Wi-Fi
  • Flashing Red: Low battery warning
  • Red: Battery drained
  • Flashing White: Your Dino is being upgraded to the latest Firmware
  • Purple: Dino is unable to connect to the server. 
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