How do I connect my Dino to Wi-Fi?


Here is a step by step video on getting your new Dino up and running. 


  1. Download the CogniToys App from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Enter your child’s first name, birthday, gender and hit ne
  3. Insert 4AA batteries
  4. Turn Power/Volume Switch on
  5. Press the Dino’s Belly Button, and wait for the Dino’s mouth to Flash Orange and for it to say “ “Download the App so we can start playing
  6. Once flashing, the app will prompt you to go to your Wi-Fi settings
  7. Find and select your Dino in Wi-Fi settings, then return to the app (screen will show Wi-Fi Settings page for and user selecting CogniToy-XXXXXX, and returning back to the App)
  8. Select your Wi-Fi Network, and hit next. Note: if No wifi networks appear you may need to manually enter your wifi network information
  9. Enter and confirm your password. Hit connect.
  10. The toy will search for over the air updates when connecting to Wi-Fi for the first time. The Dino’s mouth will Flash White and may change colors or reset a few times while updating. This process may take up to 5 minutes
  11. Show Dino updating briefly (flashing white, turning off, flashing white again)...
  12. Once updated, your Dino will flash green, then turn blue, roar and say hello!


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