Will the Dino work using hotel Wi-Fi? Airport Wi-Fi?

The Dino cannot connect to portal or enterprise Wi-Fi of any kind. The Dino requires standard home/work Wi-Fi network credentials (log-in + password) in order to connect.  If you would like to travel with your Dino you may connect use a mobile Hotspot generated from mobile device. 

Here is how to connect your Dino using a mobile Hot Spot. 

1) Enter your Phone's hotspot credentials (CASE SENSITIVE) into the CogniToys App Wi-Fi Address Book

2) Put Dino into Configuration Mode by setting it on lowest volume setting, hold down Belly Button until the Dino's mouth goes orange and says "Download the App so we can start playing," then follow the on-screen instructions in the CogniToys App

3) After the Dino resets, turn the Dino off, go to your phone's hotspot and turn it on.

4) Once the phone hotspot is on, turn the Dino back on and it should connect.

You may be subject to cellular data charges from your mobile phone provider. Hope this helps!

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