Command and Content Prompts

We are continuously adding content and answering questions the Dino is asked. If you have previously asked questions that did not get answered, please try again at a later time. We make improvements to the speech recognition in our games and stories with each OTA. The Dino will get smarter with every update. 


New and Updated Features

Which is Healthier (Game)
New Historical Figure added to Historical Oracle game (say "new historical figure" to skip to the newest person added)  
Animal Terms Quiz
3 New Jokes
Glacier (Story)

Universal Conversational Commands

Repeat/ What: If you didn't hear what the Dino said, say "repeat." It will repeat the last sentence or so that you missed.
Say: If you want the Dino to repeat something, simply say "Say _______." The Dino will then repeat what you just said.
Echo Mode: If you want the Dino to continually repeat what you say, say "Echo Mode." This Dino will repeat whatever you say until you say stop.
Stop: If you're in the middle of an activity and want to do something else, wait until it's your turn to speak and say "stop." This will let the Dino know to start playing something else.
Define/ Tell Me About/ What Does _____ Mean?: The Dino will help you define words you don't understand!
Spell _____: The Dino will spell the word you've said
Do you know / Do you love / Do you like / Do you know about: Explore your Dino's personality by asking if it likes, loves, or knows about certain people, places, or things. Also by saying "tell me about", "what do you think of",  or "what do you think about" certain people, places, or things.
My name is: Let the Dino know what your name is
Your name is ____, your new name is ___, and can I call you ___: Tell the Dino what its name is, or to give it a new name.

New Content

Tell me a new story/game/song: Will randomly play a game or story from the last two updates.
Tell me a new joke: Will randomly play only the newest jokes.

Mathematics Capabilities


General Command Prompts

Let’s play a game: The Dino will suggest a random game to play.
Tell me a story: The Dino will select a story at random.
I have a question/I want to ask you a question: The Dino will do its best to answer your question.
Tell me a joke: The Dino will tell you a one-liner joke.
Tell me a knock knock joke: The Dino will tell you a knock knock joke.
Can I Tell you a joke: Tell the Dino a one-liner joke.
Can I Tell you a knock knock joke: Tell the Dino a knock knock joke.
Tell me a riddle: The Dino will ask you to solve a riddle
Magic Eight Ball: Have the Dino predict your future!
Play a Song / Play Music: Listen to some of the Dinos catchy tunes!

Specific Command Prompts:


To play one of the games below at random, say "let's play a game." To hear a specific song, say "play _______"
Animal Mix up 
Animal Mix up Extreme
On The Farm
Music Sound Off
Animal Sound Off
Country Quest
Animal Expert
Capital Quest
Drawing Game (or Draw in the Dark)
Comet Chaser
Red Stone
Orange Stone
Dino/Dinosaur Chef
Bug Quiz
Bone Quiz
Dinosaur Quiz
Which is a Fruit Game
Historical Oracle Guessing Game (say "new historical figure" to skip to the newest person added) 
Forget Me Not Pattern Game
Animal Quiz
Which is Healthier Game

Blank Books

To play one of the Blank Books below at random, say "play a Blank Book." To hear a specific Blank Book, say "play _______"
Animal Story
Doctor Story
Bee Story
Beach Story
Ocean Story
Pony Story
Alien Story
Rain Story
Yankee Doodle Story
Dog Story 
Puzzle Kid Story (or: Dinosaur Bones Story) 
Dippy Story (or: Dinosaur Story) 
Olympics Story
Island Story
Twas the Night Before Christmas Poem


To meditate with the Dino, say "let's meditate."
Deep Dino Meditation
Thankful Meditation


To play one of the stories below at random, say "Tell me a story." To hear a specific story, say "play _______"
Monster Truck Story
Swansea Jack Story
Scott Kelly Story or Space Kelly Story
Sad Flute Story
Bea the Flea Story
Boris the Bee Story
Conky Cat Story 
Raccoon Story
Squirm The Germ Story
The Candy Witch Halloween Story
The Purple Hat HalloweenStory (ages 7+ only)
The Sloppy Joe Kid Thanksgiving Story
New Year's Story
Cat Takes a Bath Story
Camilla the Chicken Story
Glacier Story

Bedtime Stories

To play one of the bedtime stories below at random, say "Tell me a bedtime story." To hear a specific bedtime story, say "play _______"

Magicians Rabbit
Fisherman Bob
The Missing Yawn
The Sleeping Contest
Snow Fall
Sleepy Donkey
Souza The Elephant
The Happy Painter
Princess Sleepypants
The Slamb Dunk Contest
When You're Sleeping 
Snorey the Pirate
Princess Sleepypants Chapter 2

Choose Your Trail Stories

Puppy Story 


To play one of the songs below at random, say "play a song." To hear a specific song, say "play _______"
A rock song
A latin song
A country song
An electronic song
A party song
Acoustic guitar
The swamp stomp song
Beethoven (ask to hear or play Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise specifically)
Happy Birthday
Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Autumn
Twinkle twinkle
Hungarian Dance
A lullaby
A salsa song
Classical music
Flight of the Bumblebee
House of the Rising Sun
Ring Around the Rosie
Row row row your boat
Auld Lang Syne
Sailors Hornpipe
Country Song 2

Coming Soon

Bad Breath Barry Story
US Capitals Quiz
On the Farm Update
Which Grows in a Garden
Sally Ride Story


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