Alternative Wi-Fi Connection Method

If your Dino is having trouble connecting via the app, please try the following steps using a laptop or desktop and your web browser:

1. Delete all the the Wi-Fi networks in the CogniToys app.

Figure 1

2. Power on your Dino to the lowest volume. Press and hold belly button down until it flashes ORANGE and the Dino says “Download the app so that we can start playing.”

3. Go to your computer. Make sure you do not have any ethernet cables plugged in. Go to your computer’s Wi-Fi Settings (not your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi network settings). and select CogniToy-XXXXXX 


Figure 2

4. Once selected, go to your internet browser and type in You are now connected to your CogniToy and will be able to configure your network settings.

Figure 3

Once you're on the site, please take a screenshot of the page before completing the final steps to send to us. (this will help us verify if anything is unusual with your particular Dino's settings)

5. Within the first "profiles" section, select any existing profiles. Then click the button "remove selected profiles"

6. Scroll down to the Wi-Fi profile settings section:

Figure 4

    • Add your network name (SSID)
    • Select WPA2 (if your Wi-Fi is password protected)
    • Enter your password (Network Security Key)
    • Set Wi-Fi priority as 0.

7. Click “Add” once all information above has been entered.

8. Once the new profile information has been added, turn the Dino off, and then turn it back on and press the belly button (do not hold down, just press).  Wait for it to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

This method has worked for a number of our users, so please be patient and follow the steps. If you still have trouble connecting your Dino, please contact us using the form on our support page, and someone from our Customer Support team will reach out to help you. 

Thank you! 

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