Find Your Dino's MAC Address

To find your Dino's MAC address, follow these steps via the internet browser on your computer, not your phone or tablet.

1. Power on your Dino to the lowest volume. Press and hold belly button down until it flashes ORANGE and the Dino says “Download the app so that we can start playing.”

2. Go to your computer. Make sure you do not have any ethernet cables plugged in. Go to your computer’s Wi-Fi Settings (not your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi network settings). and select CogniToy-XXXXXX

Figure 1

3. Once selected, go to your internet browser and type in You are now connected to your CogniToy. Scroll down to the bottom of the page so that you can find your MAC Address under LAN settings.
Figure 2

Don't forget to reconnect to your normal Wi-Fi network once you've identified your Dino's MAC address. 

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